Wedding Video Testimonials

We’ve always considered our experiences with past brides & grooms to have been good ones.  And, as you can see from the testimonials below, they have too.  These testimonials are taken verbatim from those made (without our editorial control) by former couples on .

     “Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos was wonderful to work with! My wedding was on June 9, 2012. We hired Ray to shoot our ceremony and reception, but he went above and beyond, and even covered our rehearsal, as well. We were really happy that Ray was able to capture every moment, especially those that we were not part of (and otherwise would have never seen!). We had a lot of fun and outgoing guests at our wedding, and Ray was able to hang with them and still capture everything! Ray provided us with numerous DVDs and Blu-Rays, so we were able to send copies to all of our relatives. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and we have really enjoyed watching the video (numerous times!). I would highly recommend Carolina Wedding Videos to my friends, as Ray was extremely professional and did an awesome job! I cannot wait to watch our wedding video for years to come!”
  Mallory & Timothy

     “Our wedding was in December 2012, and we are so thankful that we chose Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos to capture every wonderful moment of our wedding day! Ray beautifully captured our wedding with his professional videography skills and equipment. He was great with the guests, and made everyone feel comfortable as he captured many amazing candid moments as well as included video of sweet comments & personal messages from family & friends. We are so thankful to him for such awesome wedding video! He is a truly professional & talented videographer! Ray uses high quality equipment, professional skills, and provides high quality video. My husband and I would highly recommend him as a videographer!”
  Esther & Bryan

     “Our wedding was actually in April of 2002, but the WeddingWire form wouldn’t let me go back any farther than 10 years. Ray Keeton has been doing wedding videography for much longer than 10 years! My fiancé and I were just going to have standard wedding photography, but I saw an ad for Carolina Wedding Videos and thought having a video of our ceremony and reception would allow us to capture so much more of the “essence” of our day. We visited Mr. Keeton at his home (where the business was based) and immediately knew he was the one we wanted filming our wedding. He was very knowledgable, professional, and willing to accommodate whatever we wanted. He showed us some of his finished work and offered us many different choices so we could customize our video. At the time, VHS was the standard and DVDs were just coming out, so he provided several copies of the edited video in each format. He also gave us 6 hours of raw, uncut footage of our ceremony and the reception so we could see all the candid moments! And yes, we watched all 6 hours! I am so glad we had Mr. Keeton to film our special day, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to film yours.”
  Beth & David

     “Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos did a fantastic job video taping my wedding. Some weddings don’t go as expected and unfortunately for me, I wasn’t feeling great. However, you would never know from my video! 🙂 Ray even provided still shots from the video on his website which were amazing. He captured all my friends and family without any prompts from me. My wedding was 9/15/2001 (a long time ago) and Ray had fantastic technology even back then – even my kids watch the CDs now and love it. I HIGHLY recommend Carolina Wedding Videos!”
  Beth & Steve

     “I got married on March 18th, 2006. Ray from Carolina Wedding Videos did such a great job on our video(DVD). He captured moments as we were all at the church getting ready for the ceremony. Super cute and funny moments that I was so glad he was able to capture. Ray also took still photos for my husband and I. They turned out awesome! Loved them! We also wanted more shots of certain poses and different things that occurred before and during the ceremony, and Ray was able to print still photos from our video. I loved the idea of him being able to do that because I think so many people don’t realize that you can even do that! The value and quality were great. The price was definitely reasonable. I would definitely reccommend Carolina Wedding Video.”
  Tasha & Chris

     “My wedding was in 1991 and one of the best memories I have is the professionalism and quality of services offered by Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos.  Unlike some weddings I’ve been to, Ray melted into the background and never once became intrusive or distracted the guests from the ceremony with his placement of equipment or movement around the sanctuary and yet somehow he managed to get amazing shots.  He was very personable and all the guests warmed up to him immediately.  He had a knack for getting amazingly candid shots including my father’s eyes tearing up and my mother patting his hands to comfort him during the rehearsal, and some of the last video of my grandmother was of her absolutely giddy with happiness at the reception.  These are moments I would have missed because I was so caught up in all the hectic activity of a bride but are particularly poignant to me now.  He captured hilarious moments between family and friends that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  My wedding video is one of my most treasured possessions and the whole experience provided by Carolina Wedding Videos was top-notch.  I would gladly recommend him as a vendor :)”
  Allison & Mark

     “When planning our wedding, videography was not something that seemed like a big priority to us, but we decided to check into it, and we are so glad we did. Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos was very helpful, and did an amazing job of videoing our wedding. He was never in the way, and worked well with our photographer. The video he made for us has provided something that pictures alone simply could not do, and it’s a blast to pop the dvd/bluray in and watch our wedding and reception again! The equipment used was high quality, and the end result is a high quality movie.”
  Ashley & Charlie

     “Very professional and attentive to detail. Because of their experience and knowledge of weddings and receptions they are able to be 1 step ahead of events. Mindful of ceremony and audience they perform their job with attention to detail and direction but remain behind the scene. Very pleased with our videos. Would highly recommend them.”
  Johanna & Dennis