Wedding Video FAQ’s

Answers to some questions you may have.  (Call 919.553.8988 or email for more details.)

North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia Brides & Grooms: When was the last time you hired a professional videographer? Probably never. The most important day of your lives may be the only time you’ll ever have to. Your choice of the wedding video/DVD production professional to capture your “Once-In-A-Lifetime, One-Take Video/DVD” is just as important as the decisions you’ll be making for your photographer, florist, caterer, and entertainment. Your wedding video, DVD and photos will be the only visual record of your wedding day after the dancing ends, the flowers shrivel, the food disappears and the wedding gown is put away. Please consider the long-term benefits of professional experience in the production of your wedding video & DVD. Also consider the possible lifelong consequences of anything less.

Q: Why is there such a difference in the prices videographers charge?
A: “You get what you pay for”. We’ve all heard it before, but that’s what it really boils down to. The price difference is usually due to the difference in: 1) the experience, professionalism, and creativity of the videographer and 2) the type (and cost!) of the video equipment he or she uses to capture the video of your wedding and turn that “raw footage” into a finished wedding video product. Don’t be afraid to ask a videographer how many years they have been doing professional video production on a full-time basis. Don’t settle for part-time weekend warriors and/or “student videographer interns”. When booking a videographer please ask what type of equipment they use – specifically ask for brand and model # of the camera(s) to be used at your wedding. It’s a simple matter from that point to search the internet to see what kind of investment they’ve made in their gear.
***We are proud of our men and women in uniform and offer discounts to those who deserve them most***

Q: How professional is CWV’s video equipment?
A: The equipment used by CWV at your wedding is the same type of Hi-Definition broadcast-television camera equipment used by commercial TV stations.   This equipment meets the highest quality and resolution standards required by commercial television/video production operations.
NOTE: When considering wedding videography operations remember this – no amount of flashy editing can take the place of broadcast-quality video captured by an experienced professional using professional -grade equipment.   A bad video product from somewhere else cannot be made to look better after the fact.   You have one chance, and ONLY one chance, to get your wedding video done professionally.

Q: How is different from the rest?
A: The man with his eye to the viewfinder at your wedding has been doing full-time professional videography – including broadcast television work – for 20+ years.   Days – not hours – are involved in making your video a treasured keepsake.   We don’t mass-produce wedding videos like some fast food restaurants crank out burgers.   We also don’t do video as a sideline to a DJ, floral, catering, or reception venue operation or offer our services within a “bundled” package of services.   We do video ONLY and concentrate on nothing else.   We work on one wedding video at a time and will give your wedding video the attention it deserves.
– We don’t mass-produce and deliver “cookie-cutter” wedding videos.
– We don’t “farm-out” videotaping responsibilities to others with questionable degrees of experience and ability.
– We don’t schedule more than one wedding on the same day.
– We do work on one wedding video at a time and do it right.
– We do prefer to meet with you personally, at least once, to thoroughly discuss your wants and needs.

Q: What’s included in a wedding video production package?
A: Typically, we arrive at the ceremony location approximately two-hours prior to the ceremony to get video of both bride and groom during their preparation time.   We also video guests arriving, pre-ceremony still-photo sessions, etc.   During the ceremony we record the event from inconspicuous locations with two HD cameras and do not move during the ceremony.   The groom will be “wired for sound” to assure crystal clear audio of your vows.

Following the ceremony we record the still-photo session, attend the reception (shoot the traditional cake cutting, toasts, garter and/or bouquet tosses, people mingling and/or dancing, etc), and shoot the bride and groom departing.   All of this will then be edited into a finished product of approximately 1- 1/2 hours.   The ceremony is left complete in its entirety from beginning to end.   The other shots, after editing, usually total an additional 60 minutes.   After editing (3-4 weeks) the bride and groom are given several Blu-Ray and standard DVD copies (this way parents on each side of the family may be given a keepsake of your wedding day along with the Maid of Honor and Best Man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, grandparents, special friends, etc.).   Your DVDs include: title (or “credits”) pages at the beginning and/or end of the video; the inclusion of background music during the pre- and post-ceremony segments; the use of fades, dissolves and other transitions & special effects; and credits at the end that list all members of the wedding party and any other people you would like to thank.

*** A wedding highlights video (approx 5-15 minutes long depending on package) is made available
for the bride & groom to share on social media with 48-72 hours after wedding day. ***

Q: When should I schedule your services?
A: As soon as possible.   Reputable videographers often schedule 6-18 months in advance.   To increase the chances of CarolinaWeddingVideos being available on the day of your wedding, contact should be made very soon after your date is set.   Allow the same scheduling and budget priority considerations as you do for your photographer.   Waiting until the last minute may mean you’ll have to settle for any videographer who may still be available.

Q: What about payment?
Payment by “thirds” is the method preferred by and most of the couples we’ve worked with.  A third is due when an agreement is reached and the day reserved on the calendar.   A deposit is necessary because, once the date is reserved, all others who may inquire about that date must be turned away.   The second third is due on wedding day.   Since we are so confident in our video product the final third will not be due, or accepted by, until you view and are satisfied with the finished video production.   Once the final video product is approved (you’ll be able to see a draft version on our private wedding video server), the final 1/3rd is payment is made.   At that point, production of the multiple DVDs and BluRay discs begins.

Q: Do you have local references?
A: Yes.   A list of local references is available on request.

Q: How visible are you during the ceremony?
A: As little as possible.   Prior to the bride’s entrance our cameras are mounted on tripods.   They stay there throughout the entire ceremony until the bride and groom have exited.

Q: How long will you stay at the reception?
A: Our packages allow for 3-5 hour reception coverage.   However, the video of the couple’s departure from the reception is a highlight of the finished wedding video and is rarely missed.

Q: Can you videotape our rehearsal and/or rehearsal dinner?
A: Yes.   This service is included as part of the “Everything” package.  Travel expenses (mileage, hotel) may be required if the rehearsal takes place more than 60 miles from Sumter, SC.

Q: Are you willing to take pictures at a bachelor or bachelorette party?
A: Yes.   However, reserves the right to refuse to place any picture or visual on this website if we deem it unsuitable for viewing by a “general” audience.   Such images may still be made available to the bride/groom but not by way of this site.

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